27 February, 2006

Kayaking in Arabic

'oojatheef qaarbee fee al-bahar.
I paddle my kayak in the sea.
Finally, I know how to say this!
It only took a dictionary, photos, and a round of charades to get it, but I got it!
It's always nice when you can actually begin speaking about your real life.

Nothing much of note to report. No word back from FIRDOS about the details of my contract, as the director is out ill, but I will be working with them.

My other favorite word, or verb: tashaaear (to pretend to be a poet)
Very specific, no?
"The date was a disaster. He spent the whole evening pretending to be a poet!"

Also interesting, the word for oarsman or rower (moojatheef) is the same as blasphemer, only the later is followed by "against God." While I am sure there are those who would see a connection between the two with me, I am still a little nervous about screwing that up contextually. There's another word for oarsman that substitutes one letter, but that one's one letter off the word for "leper." Not quite sure what that says either.


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Anonymous said...

Hi taromeet !
I read all this and I am happy for you but ONE thing that did not like is refering to me by THE MOROCCAN !istead of some thing else more gentle and nice !!
have a good one and take care !