23 March, 2006

A few photos of Amsterdam

Being a kayaker, I saw lots of possibilities in this city.
Thankfully, I am 100% Halal!
Amsterdam, January 4, 2006
Sunrise over the canals, Amsterdam.
This is a beautiful city and I hope to make it back someday.
I didn't shoot many images in Amsterdam. First, it was really cold. OK, not really a good excuse. Second, I was fresh off an trans-Atlantic flight, only half-way to my destination, and dog-tired. Third, I didn't really know where anything of note was. I sort of stumbled around town for awhile and enjoyed myself. Lazy girl. Very lazy.

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HillaryGulden said...

How did you learn to take such great photos? Are you digital now? What kind of camera are you using? Your composition and lighting are superb!!! You could teach photography when you get tired of teaching English ;).

Love, h.