13 March, 2006

Photos, FINALLY!

Detail of Roman sculpture, Bosra.
Ruins of a colonade in Old City at Bosra. Originally a Roman public fountain complex.
Original basilica structure, now the prayer hall of the Umayyad mosque, with the Dome of the Treasury (foreground).
Minaret of Jesus, Umayyad mosque.
Minaret above the tangle of rooftops, Old City.
Icon in small, outdoor shrine near Bab Touma, Old City.
Shiite singers from Pankistani Kashmir inside prayer hall at Umayyad mosque.

Inside the prayer hall. Tomb of Yehia (left).

The courtyard of the Umayyad mosque with the Dome of the Treasury (foreground) and the Minaret of the Bride (background).
The Dome of the Eagle inside the original basilica structure of the Umayyad mosque.
Photos left by pilgrims hoping for blessings from Yehia (John the Baptist).
Shiite pilgrims entering Umayyad Mosque at Bab Al-Amara.
Outside the Umayyad Mosque, early morning, with Minaret of Al-Gharbiyya.
Inside the prayer hall of the Umayyad Mosque, mid-day.
Mid-day prayers amidst the traffic through the mosque.

(So happy to finally get these posted, I could cry! Enjoy, folks.)


Anonymous said...

hi Taromeet !
yes the pix came just fine ! nice size and very clear !
keep going taromeet !!!

Anonymous said...

Dana, They are breathtaking!! ~Hillary