04 August, 2006

A Clear View of Lebanon

Thank you to Cursor.org for sharing the link to this map, which clearly shows the scale of the bombing of Lebanon. Click on the title of this post or follow the link to see for yourself.

I am back in the US to take care of personal affairs. Not sure what the future may bring. I have been in S. Turkey for the last month and a half and in Istanbul for the past week. Really wish I was back in Istanbul! Truly a great city. People I spoke with are VERY worried about this war escalating to include Syria and Iran.

My thoughts are with my friends in Damascus and the people of Lebanon.

I promise to update the blog. I had been staying in S. Turkey, about 30 minutes out of town and not convenient to internet access. Also, my personal life has all sorts of drama at the moment. Do have lots of photos and will get some up asap.

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