01 October, 2006


Watching: Bob Woodward on 60 Minutes
Funny: http://harpers.org/Donkeys-20060922.html

So, I have been back in the US for two months, more-or-less. As we are dragged towards the mid-term elections I am reminded of what a mess we are in. Personally, I am just waiting for a campaign add that simply states outright "My opponent is the anti-Christ." And, will people drop the hollow promises about things they have absolutely NO control over. Just stop. But, hey, most of us won't vote anyway, so go ahead, vote for Old Bag of Leaves!
Finish the clip and click on some of the related links for other "candidates", such as Hashbrowns.
Thank you, Ad Council!

Great Quote from Woodward: "They can't even agree on the bumpersticker."

And, a blessed Ramadan to all my friends who are fasting. A lovely tradition with a strong social justice message - fasting is not about your suffering, it is about self-restraint and understanding the suffering of others. Something I think all of us could use a little more of.

Salaam, y'all.

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