03 May, 2007

Girl Meets Boy

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will finally meet with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Mouallem during this weeks two day summit concerning Iraq in Sharm Al-Sheikh, Egypt. Does this mean Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the members of the US Congress who met with Syrian officials in Damascus over the last few years are no longer to be tarred, feathered and called traitors? I hope so, because the ridiculous vilifying really turned my stomach. The whole conference only lasts two days so I am interested in just how much time will be spent on the meeting between Mouallem and Rice. They certainly have plenty to talk about. And, two whole days to work on solving the Iraq crisis? Wow, don't work too hard folks. The participants are supposed to agree upon a five-year plan outlining support in exchange for Iraqi reforms. Although I am not too sure how much reforming a people can do when just surviving a shopping trip to the neighborhood souq is something to celebrate. I hope Secretary Rice eventually finds her way to Damascus to keep the discussions moving.

To those of you who are apoplectic about the meeting - Ann, Bill, Sean, etc. - don't worry. The administration continues to refuse to deal with Iran; 18 years and counting.



Philistini said...

They are all playing a very dangerous game. Rice and her masters want to control the lines to the Sunni thus control Al Qaeda, OK it is too late for that. The Sunni want them there for protection. Syria never cooperated with Al Qaeda, So other than turning up the heat on Hamas, what would Syria have to offer in form of aide to this pathetic war? Control the smuggler routes (I would love to see that) that is impassable so they want Syria to turn on the brotherhood of Islam and bring back the Halab of the 1980. Look to the mentality of the Islamist. They are ready to die for their cause. They believe the end is here and they are the one’s that the prophecy speaks of…I ask you how and why would you keep messing with them?
PS: I support neither side. The Zionist orchestrated this war and the dummy in DC has no idea how to end it and we are too deep in our hatred to see that. So may Allah help us all …………....

Unknown said...

I also love that Rice described Mouallem as "professional" in their dealings. I can only imagine what they were expecting.