01 August, 2007

كلام نواعم : Sugar and spice, but they don't always play nice!

Public Television's Wide Angle aired a great documentary, Dishing Democracy, about Kalam Nawaem/كلام نواعم last night.

The program, which airs on MBC, is based on, yet light years beyond, Barbara Walter's The View. Kalam Nawaem translates to "sweet talk", but the four hosts joked they aren't always so sweet. The program offered an interesting look at the women behind the popular program and how their program and private satellite broadcasting on the whole is changing so much in the region. I've watched the program in the past, though my Arabic is not yet quick enough to follow it fully. I enjoyed learning more about the four remarkable women who host the program. It turns out, thanks to a good filmmaker, Fawzia Salama, Muna Abusulayman, Farah Bseiso, Rania Barghout, are not just accomplished professionals but fully realized human beings with surprises and contradictions.

Those of you who missed it will soon be able to watch it free in its entirety on the accompanying web site, which includes additional resources regarding satellite television in the Middle East. Be sure to look at the Resources link, which provides links to organizations, films, programs, journals, and more about Arab media and the region.


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