06 September, 2007

Israeli Airstrike On Syria?

This morning on NPR I heard about the supposed intrusion on Syrian airspace by Israeli jets. Israel is saying they didn't, Syria says the Israelis did, dropped their fuel tanks and/or munitions, and Syrian forces fired on the jets. Tried to check the U.S. television news channels this morning, but they were tied up, as usual, with a useless local news story (another standoff with police). Josh Landis weighs in. He links to this article from Haaretz, which has some follow-up links at the bottom of the article.

According to Haaretz, Al-Arabiya is reporting the location as "North-Eastern Syria, near the Turkish border". The jets came in from the sea. Jerusalem Post says it happened near "Abyad".


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Unknown said...

I watched CNN, Fox, and NBC this morning on the topic. There was no other detail given on the report other than Syria claimed that the Israelis released ammunition over Syria. No alleged target was identified in any broadcast. One would think that this would be more important than the time accredited to it this morning...