24 November, 2007

No human being is illegal

I am incensed by people in the US, and other countries, who claim undocumented -illegal- immigrants are simply criminals, that no good can come from them. In my family, what's considered criminal is exactly that kind of thinking. The hero of this story is rather remarkable. Would you give up your chance at a better life to help a stranger?


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Unknown said...

Great points, well said. That's another reason we're friends.

Actually, the title refers to the idea of the person versus their legal status - undocumented.

In my opinion it's referring to the broken world economy that drives people to walk across a desert in the wrong shoes with one jug of water or try to cross the Straits of Gibraltar in a flimsy boat. It's about how broken the whole system is - economically, politically, socially.

It's not denying that there are plenty of problems to be solved or that we should just throw open the doors. As I wrote, I am angry at those who see all of this in such ridiculously stark terms and who use stereotypical imagery that is constantly being disproved by study after study - much like oft cited lazy welfare queen in her Cadillac.

It's addressed to The Minutemen, etc. To those who blame "foreigners" for a country's woes without trying to understand what's really going on.

See, two people can disagree without it turning into a screaming mess like Pundit-t.v. The world needs more of this...