07 December, 2007

Top Ten Signs Your Country Has Ben Infiltrated Via Facebook

The Syrian government is blocking access to Facebook due to fears of Israeli infiltration.

10) The opening salvo will come in the form of a cyber-pillow fight.

9) Classified documents leaked via your Fun Wall.

8) Invitations to take the "Are you an Israeli Infiltrator?" quiz.

7) Second wave assault in the form of cyber-Panty Raid.

6) Infiltration exposed by too many members joining the "Infiltrate Syria 2007" group.

5) Axis powers consist of ninjas, zombies, hobos, fluff friends, garden gnomes, pirates, and legions of smileys.

4) Shock and awe when the hatching eggs application unleashed on the populace.

3) The whole affair settled with a round of "Israel vs. Syria". Have your friends vote!

2) Infiltrators slip up and reveal state secrets after too many virtual beers and cocktails sent by new friends.

1) The whole thing spirals into one giant virtual-poke war.

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