30 December, 2007

Turkish, the language of Jedi Masters

My friend and colleague Nick, who is also learning Turkish, pointed out something interesting to me the other day.

"Think about how the sentence is formed in Turkish," he said before modeling a few simple sentences in Turkish.

"It's backwards! It's like Yoda-speak," he exclaimed. "I've decided I need to keep that in mind when I'm learning it."

He's got a point with the verb coming at the end of the sentence.

"Learn Turkish I will," he said in his best attempt at the wobbly, little voice of the little, green Jedi master. "One bottle Efes I want," he said with a laugh.

To a girl raised on the original films, who wanted to grow up to be Princess Leia and lead a rebellion to save the universe (and snag Han Solo), it makes learning Turkish even cooler.

May The Force be with y'all.

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ozz said...

although lot of words sound similar between Arabic and Turkish but I still get confused when I try to build a statement in Turkish. I am Arab by the way trying to learn Turkish.
one time i was in a trip in Mersin and I took a bus to go back to the hotel, so i tried to tell the driver that I missed the bus yesterday because I was so happy learning "otubusu yetisimidim" few weeks before. but i told him "otubusu yetisimidim yarin" and he laughed and kept laughing until i left the bus not understanding what was wrong in what i said .. later when i was back to Jordan i discovered why :)