05 January, 2009

غزة/Gaza: See for Yourself

Seeing as Gaza barely registers a blip on the news radar here and seeing as most reporters for major outlets are reporting from outside Gaza and seeing as STILL NOT ONE cable television or major U.S. satellite provider will carry Al-Jazeera International, you have to work a little harder to get news on what's going on right now. One resource is YouTube, where you can subscribe, free, to Al-Jazeera International video clips, including news coverage and their usually excellent documentary features. Here's the latest video post on Gaza:

I also just discovered that you can watch and subscribe to Al-Jazeera in Arabic. To those of you who say it's propaganda, just look at the pictures and understand that this is what millions of people are seeing all day, every day, and very often an image is far stronger than any commentary that could be given. Compare these images from Gaza to the neutered coverage - of Gaza, of Iraq, of Afghanistan - on American television. Remember that these are the images people around the world remember when the U.S. blocks a simple declaration in favor of cease fire at the U.N. or when Pres. Bush opens his mouth...

Seriously, people, you have the Internet so use it and read about and see what you won't get on your nightly news.
Laila al-Haddad is still doing a fantastic job over at her blog, Raising Yousuf and Noor. Like so many, I pray her family in Gaza is able to stay safe.
Dr. Mona El-Farra, though not in Gaza at the moment, is relaying stories of those who are on her blog, From Gaza, With Love.
Other blogs from Gaza include In Gaza and many others. Jamal Dajani, Senior Director and Producer with Mosaic News (also available on iTunes!), is writing over on The Huffington Post. Alas, A Blog has a good post covering the many Jewish and Israeli voices raised against the assault on Gaza and calling for a ceasefire.

Sad news that the American International School in Gaza, which offered an American curriculum-based education for children in grades K-12 and was attacked last year by Islamic extremists for supposedly being too western, has now been destroyed by the Israelis. It's not the only school destroyed in the last 10 days, but the "damned if you do, damned if you don't" story just really gets me.

10 days. 530 killed and 2,500 wounded in Gaza. 5 killed in Israel. Enough?


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