05 March, 2009

Another Day, Another $3

I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow.
Normally, this would not rate as news or elicit a post.
However, tomorrow I'm going on food stamps. Sort of.
For the next two weeks I'll shop and eat on an average food stamp budget: $3 a day.
Even I can do the math on this one: $21 a week; $84 a month.
It's a project for my social policy course. We'll each be writing a paper on the experience.
My first observation: the easiest way to get initial information on the food stamp program is online. Which begs the question, how many food stamp households have Internet access?
The food stamp challenge has been getting a lot of press. Members of Congress, a few governors and members of the media have had a go at it. May you'll give it a try as well.


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