13 May, 2009

Recent Input Streams

Utterly Addicted to: Philosophy Bites podcast by David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton (available free on iTunes or at their website)

Reading: Poverty, Justice, & Western Political Thought by Vaughan;
Challenges in Human Rights: A Social Work Perspective ed. by Reichert
Just Finished: Unfaithful Angels: How Social Work Has Abandoned Its Mission by Specht & Courtney
On Deck: World Poverty & Human Rights by Pogge; Human Rights in Arab Thought, ed. by Jayyusi; Global Justice: Seminal Essays, ed. by Moellendorf & Pogge; Banker to the Poor by Yunus; Out of Poverty by Polak; Poverty & Power by Royce; reports on implementing a rights-based approach to development and US foreign aid reform by Oxfam America

Listening to: A fair amount of John Tavener, especially The Protecting Veil; Lou Reed; The Photographer by Philip Glass; Le Voyage de Sahar by Anouar Brahem; Nina Simone; Chet Baker; Waylon Jennings

Just Watched: the new Star Trek in IMAX (LOVED it!); The Thin Man (Where's my Nick?); Metropolis; Modern Times; Rashamon; The Bicycle Thief


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