15 August, 2009

On Your Mark...

I am about to begin my third semester of grad school here in Tejas, so I decided to change things up a bit. I love José Guadelupe Posada, so I went with his Don Quixote. Seems fitting for a student of social work. I need to get out and start shooting some of my wonderful neighborhood, but the summer heat makes the idea of venturing forth to wander the streets a bit unpleasant. Of course, I soon won't have a choice. School starts the last week of the month and this semester will be a bit hectic: three classes in my program, Arabic III at a different school, a 20-hour/wk. internship as part of my program and a 10-hour/wk. teaching assistant position with a favorite professor. Just returned from a brief reboot in Florida where I dove, kayaked and swam myself ragged in the ocean. We'll see how the coming months shake out on this blog.

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