20 October, 2009

What the heck is social work anyway?

In my quest to patch the gaping "international" holes in my grad program, I went over to our school's public affairs department to see about taking some of their international affairs/international development courses to augment my program of study. I've suggested a dual degree with their international division, but that'll take years to pull together for reasons best illuminated by the following:

The grad adviser was nice enough, but puzzled as to why I was in the School of Social Work and not his department, given my background and goals:

"Social work? I thought all you guys did was help old people or something."

Yes, that's me. Helping the oldsters with their old people stuff. *sigh*
(Did I mention one of my favorite films is Soylent Green? No? Well, it seems the thing to bring up here...)

As with so much else in life, I feel I don't entirely fit here and I don't entirely fit in his department either. So I'll just keep plugging along, advocating my tail off for myself in my department and trying to fill those holes.

I now want a t-shirt emblazoned with the words, "Social Workers: We don't just take your children away and help old people!"

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