01 January, 2010

Obligatory Post Acknowledging Change of Gregorian Calendar Year

Well, Om-Taromeet left at the ungodly time of 4:30 this fine, first morning to return to the sunny lands of gators, geezers and graft. We had a nice visit, during which she anointed the little town of Fredericksburg as her (maybe) part-time (she claims to have some sort of plan), post-retirement & unloading of condo, landing site of the moment. Given that I am an unintentional but life-long ignorer of NYE festivities (and having to take her to the airport at said ungodly hour), we simply made dinner and hunkered down to watch the first two installments of The Thin Man marathon on TMC last night. Yeah, wild night, but an evening with Nick Charles is better than most dates I've had in recent memory...or extended memory for that matter. As usual, I was out by 11:30. Look, either time rolls on into another year or I'd rather not be awake to see what the problem is. My actual ideal, only realized once or twice, is solo camping somewhere remote and RV-less: kayaking out to a chiki in Florida Bay, packing out into the mountains or the Sonoran Desert. Lying in bed I did finally realize that this was a rather eventful decade for me personally. Happy to put it to bed as well and move on, though.

Anyway, there's no real point to the post today other than to get me started on a new year. I've been a bit of a slug today, bundled up and nibbling away at several books. I went on a bit of a tear at the library recently. No resolutions; I just make plans, lots of plans, as usual. And, I stubbornly cling to hope. Om-Taromeet said she read that whatever you eat to start off Jan. 1 somehow represents how your year will go, or something like that, not that I put any faith whatsoever in such things. This morning I had chicory coffee, plain yogurt with fresh blackberries and a touch of honey, and a piece of baguette with butter and the fabulous orange marmalade handmade by my housemate's grandpa. No idea what that means for my 2010, but it was a fine meal.
Sincere wishes for a 2010 that finds all of you in a good place, or at least a better place.

Extra Credit: Try to watch the doc Patti Smith:Dream of Life, which aired here on PBS the other night. I very much enjoyed it, but then I love Patti. However, even Om-Taromeet, who had absolutely no idea who Patti is, said she really enjoyed the film, too.

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