13 January, 2010

Really, Pat? REALLY?

While everybody else is struggling to help those in Haiti, Pat Robertson offered THIS explanation for the nation's continued struggles and a condemnation of Haitians. Kudos to the woman beside him, by the way, who said absolutely nothing in response to his racist, crazy story.

So, let's tally: 9/11 was the fault of feminists, gays, and the ACLU, the 2005 tsunami wasn't really a tragedy because it killed Muslims, the Gulf Coast would have been spared if not, again, for those pesky gays (God apparently really hates a Pride parade), and now those devil-worshiping Haitians caused their own 200-plus years of suffering from poverty, dictatorship, unrest, environmental degradation, and now a massive earthquake.

Having grown up in S. Florida, all news from the Caribbean basin is local. I was relieved to hear that one friend's family on the island is reported safe. My thoughts have been with Haitians and others there, including the apparently hard-hit MINUSTAH and other U.N. staff. No one deserves a disaster like this, but few places are more ill-equipped to handle this.

Update: Not to be outdone by Pat, the every-classy Rush has now cannonballed into the "Worst Person in the World" contest: “We've already donated to Haiti. It’s called the U.S. income tax.”

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