17 February, 2010

Forget Kansas! What's the Matter With Texas?

More crazy from Texas care of Governor Rick "Le Coif" Perry, who is leading in the polls going into the Republican gubernatorial primary here. Of course, in the party primary he's up against a former Republican Senator and "Washington insider," a term equated with many here with fascist/Nazi/elitist/etc. even within your own party, and another Republican candidate who made news this week by questioning U.S. involvement in the September 11th attacks.
Texans, have you people not had enough of this guy?

Of course then there's the codification of crazy in the schools here thanks to the state board of education.

I'll admit, I fervently hope Perry actually plays the secession card before I finish my graduate program. I know he won't, in part for the five bazillion logical reasons that I'm sure at least one advisor on his staff is aware of, but boy would it be fun to watch that crazy unfold.

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