03 April, 2010

P is for Procrastination

My housemates are throwing some sort of Easter fête for our block and friends farther afield tomorrow. It's less about Jesus and more about lots of food, games and activities. And Bloody Marys. They went a bit nuts. Our kitchen table is buried in little plastic toys, chocolates, jelly beans, stuff for dying eggs...and somehow celebrating Easter now involves a goat piñata. I am reminded of trying to explain to my then-husband, new to the U.S., how bunnies, chocolate and eggs related to Jesus. So, I guess a sacrificial paper goat fits right in, really. In the interest of putting off work, I'm making two Key lime pies. Because why do the work you should be doing today when you can put it off for tomorrow? And you can never, ever, have too much Key lime pie. Ever. No, really, ever - I once brought a KLP to a haggis dinner.

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