28 September, 2010

Bad day on campus - UPDATE

UPDATE - I'm going to leave the last word on this week's suicide on my campus to John Woods, a fellow UT grad student and all-around remarkable person. By Tuesday afternoon, it was apparent this was, in fact, a suicide and not a school shooting. There have been a lot of discussions in my classes and just amidst colleagues about guns, but more often about finding new ways to reach out to those in need of help, how to be allies to those in trouble, for young people to counter stigmas and know when and how to seek help themselves. I hope we can work together to come up with solutions.

In the midst of an unsettling incident on campus. Apparently there were two armed suspects on the UTexas-Austin campus in the main library (PCL). Campus is CLOSED at the moment and everybody's on lockdown. According to UT announcement one suspect is dead in the library and campus police are looking for another.

Please, UT folks, stay home and give first responders a break!
Will update with more when I have it.
I'm locked down in my department and in a meeting where few of us are really focusing.
Hope everybody out there is safe.

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