27 October, 2010

Where did it go?

Watching (and rewatching and loving and rewatching...): BBC's cracking new Sherlock
Listening to: Mc5, 13th Floor Elevators, Staple Singers, Coltrane, & fair bit of trad. Kurdish stuff
Reading for fun: The Psychology of Proof
Pondering: election night playlist - everything goes better with music (even inevitable, demoralizing wins by troglodytes & philistines); MacBook Air 2.0; some proper tea at 10

Dear, God. Wow. Nigh November now, which means almost December, which means almost finished here. My. Really, it's too deep in the semester to have much of importance or clarity to report. Still not sure where I'm going for my final internship now that Armenia fell through. I mentioned that, right? Turned out they want to do surveys & need interns with language skills other than mine. Thus, flux. Do know I land in Istanbul on 21 December and grateful to be back in the great city with friends. From there is anyone's guess at the moment. Which would be fun, if this internship wasn't so important to me. Not just a feather in the cap and all.
Anywho...back to working on policy briefs (urban refugees, survival migrants, Iraqi refugee crisis). I do love my policy briefs.

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