06 December, 2010

Last one out...

Gorging on: MOVIES! Caught up on a lot I've been meaning to see for ages.
Reading: The Rebel by Camus and, most wonderfully, ANYTHING ELSE I WANT!
Leaving on a jet plane: Friday, bound for FLA
Listening to: Motown
Scrambling: to get my Swiss visa before 20 DEC

Well, that's about it here in Austin. If you're reading this, I've walked out of my department for likely the final time. The air is likely cool and sweet. Now, I'm not quite finished...not until May. However, in honor of a lot of things, here's a wee video. Embed's disabled, so you'll just have have to go look for yourself.
High school or grad school - sometimes the distinctions blur significantly - this just fits.

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