13 December, 2010


Watching: sad news of the loss of Richard Holbrooke
Working on: packing and repacking and repacking...(it's like editing, but with stuff)
Looking forward to: Wed of friends, stone crabs, and Key lime pie
Wishing: I could shake this cough!
Reading: has stalled for the moment

The wind is whipping the palms about outside. There's a hard freeze blowing in tonight; manatees and crops are at risk from the record lows. And local media is nearly as giddy as when a hurricane approaches.
Rearing my head from the sands of the SE Florida coast to say I don't have much to say at the moment, really.
Running like made to get things sorted and spend time with friends and family before flying to Istanbul a week from today.
Finished entering grades for my undergrads and really appreciate receiving emails from them wishing me well at the UN and thanking me for being "the coolest TA".
It's been a whirl with the end of the semester, this pit-stop at home...
Looking forward to setting my bags down in Istanbul for a bit before, I hope, taking the train to Geneva. Yeah, I know flying is faster, but it's not the same.
Anyway, check back in a week or so. Give me a chance to have some tea and clear my head.

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