11 August, 2011

More dispatches from the front lines of the REAL crisis (JOBS, you numpties!)

Here are excerpts from an email received from a very good friend and fellow MSW grad today. I think about him a lot because he has far more on his shoulders than I: small child, mortgage, car payments...And with his wife employed full-time in a good job, they can't just pull up stakes to follow a job like I can.

He's a brilliant guy with tons of experience and now a graduate degree.
All the right moves, yes?
And still no job.
"I wish I could at least get started (before my fucking 40th Birthday in September).  In my worst nightmares, I never dreamed that I would still be looking for work at this point.  I would say "a job instead of "work", but "work" meets my sentiments better.  When I need a "pick me up", I read through all of the rejection emails and letters.

I have had a few interviews, but received three rejection calls last week.  I am truly scared because soon another 75+ MSSW students will graduate in the next two weeks...

I know I sound whiny and I guess I am, but I have not called any friends (or emailed much either) because I am embarrassed to be still unemployed."

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