30 October, 2005

Joining the (not-so-exclusive) club

So. A blog. A screaming endorsement of egotism. A 21st century soap box or smoke signal. An electronic cairn for those who know me to follow my trail.

Aicha Qandisha, a spirit in the form of a woman, marries men in Morocco and causes them to go quite daft. Her husbands number in the many thousands at this point. I've only married one Moroccan. In comparison, I am either slacking or simply unable to multi-task as well as she. The men wander about, especially in dry riverbeds, searching for her when she disappears. When they catch site of her they, well, engage in conjugal relations on the spot regardless of where they are or who is there. If you ask my husband, he will be quick to tell you that he certainly hasn't been the same since he married me.

Taromeet is the Amazigh/Ashelhei word for foreigner in the feminine form. The root supposedly comes from the word for Roman, the original tourists to N. Africa, if you will. I love that the concept of "out-of-towner" in the language goes back that far.