30 October, 2005

Syria, Insha'allah!

Well, for those of you keeping track of my address, get your White-Out and erasures. I am off again. This time it might be for a while. I plan to leave at the start of the new year for Damascus. Yes, Syria. Yes, Iraq's neighbor. Yes, Saul to Paul and all that.

I have been able to gauge people's knowledge of geopolitics by their response to my plans. People who know what Damascus is and where it is located are either quick with tales of dread and concern or very generous in their stories of how beautiful the country and its people are. Those who do not know casually toss off an "oh, that's nice."

I'll be living with a family and studying Arabic at Damascus University through September 2006, insha'allah.

So, I've been on the Road to Morocco and now I am on the road to Damascus. Granted, two very different experiences. And, honestly, while I hope for some sort of Damascene experience, I am hoping God skips the blinding white light stuff. Maybe a Burning Bush?