29 January, 2006


We had our first exam (imtihan) today, a mid-term. I think I did ok. I know I missed the two words we were asked to make plural. We haven't really learned the exceptions on that issue and both of these were. So I just went with what sounded less whacky. For some reason the word "men" seems to be the bane of my existance. I can never remember it. So, of course, it was on the test. I did manage to avoid trouble with the only other word I forgot when I realized it had the possessive ending for I. So my sentance was "I have my whatever this is". I think it was "idea". My teacher, Iman, nodded in the positive when I asked her about my sentance on the way out. We should have results tomorrow. Insha'allah, I will come out on top. I have a "rivalry" with a friend from Turkey as to who will be number one in the class. I told him I would be calling him "rakm ithnaan" ("number two" in Arabic) in an attempt to psych him out. Naturally, he laughed at me. Of course there is always the sweet and gentlemanly, yet quietly intense guy from Pakistan who may just best us both. We shall see.....

After class I got my Ikama, or residence permit. It's just a piece of paper scibbled on (as though your doctore decided to try writing Arabic) and stappled in your passport. Those of us staying in the Republic for more than two months need to get one ever two months. Joy. Luckilly, I went with Womder Woman. She works for the agency I hired and seems to be able to cast a spell on the bureaucrats at the immigration office. Most mortals must come back the next day to retrieve their passports and ikama. But no! With Wonder Woman I was done in half an hour AND got a piece of chocolate tucked inside my passport. Wonderful, indeed. I feel I must note I received no chocolate in any of my dealings with the government of Morocco.

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Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying your travels. I will not comment on the 'men' blockage? Forced Nick to see Ira Glass so as to sit in your seat. You really enjoyed it. Sorta stream-of-conciousness.

I've been learning about streams. This will help us stop the bonehead that is trying to remove ours. That and our talent for being annoying.

Our streets are also clogged with presidents.