05 February, 2006

Burnin' down the house

I am still in class and can't fill you in on all the details. Just want to let everybody know we are fine here in Damascus despite yesterdays firey protest. Actually the Danish embassy is near work and I got to watch the actual protest march, which was "peaceful" (so-to-speak) and organized. I have a feeling the situation was similar to certain elements within any opposition action who are only there to cause mayhem. Anybody watch covereage of G8 Summits these days? Seattle, anyone? I walked right up to the marchers - well, I had to go that way anyway to catch my micro - and stood beside them and watched and didn't feel threatened at all. I do not think these are the same elements who set the embassy on fire. Not to minimalize the seriousness of people actually setting an embassy on fire, but...

This morning the Syrian government and all religious leaders of any merit denounced the violence as un-Islamic and illegal. And, remember who you are dealing with. Google "Hama and massacre" and see what you come up with.

I believe the Norwegian and Danish embassy staff have been withdrawn (they share the building). But, for the rest of us, it's back to school/work.

Just wanted to let everybody know. Ma'asalaama.


Anonymous said...

That is some neighborhood that you are hanging around! Interesting things are happening to you and around you. I know that this adventure is rewarding for you and you will record many exciting tales. My prayers and best wishes,


Anonymous said...

I agree with JRD; you must write a book about your many wonderful experiences. I am copying for Mimi to enjoy. You are in our thoughts, our prayers.

Babs said...

And the beat of adventure continues for Fearless Dana. What good details you are sharing to show the culture and people you live and work with daily. I hope your mom gets to visit and to share the joys of your experiences. Best to you, my dear niece.