27 April, 2007

Don't be shy, please

Just a note about commenting. I know there are folks looking at this site now and then. I would be delusional to say I have the world's best site and doubly delusional to claim I am the definitive authority on things. I would hope that if you are out there and you agree/disagree with me, like/hate a photo, want to discuss or know more, have a good question, or just want to say "Salaam" that you will leave a comment. For those of you for whom English is not your language, feel free to leave me a note in your language. I know enough people that can help translate for me.

And I would love to know what some of you are creating out there. I received a positive comment the other day from a person with an awesome Italian cooking blog in Italian; the pictures left me very hungry and the rest will get translated by a friend from Milan.

So, welcome. This site was begun in the hope that I might foster some discoveries and dialogues; in that sense I hope to make it yours as much as mine.



Thorne said...

Greetings! I found my way to you via BlueGal, and am quite pleased that I did. I am an american woman of varied ethnic ancestry which includes a goodish dollop of Syrian (My paternal great grandmother was born and raised there.) Sadly, having been raised without alot of contact with my paternal relations, I am sadly lacking in my Syrian family history, language, lore and such. I'm bold and brassy, queer and pagan, and if you're up to the challange, I'd love to interact.

Unknown said...

Bring it, Thorne! Happy to have you and look forward to hearing from you.
Salaam, namaste, and blessed be.