26 April, 2007

More Syria photos

These are some photos I shot in late spring of 2006 for FIRDOS, a Syrian NGO, in four villages around the city of Homs. The schools were celebrating the end of the school year and their completion of community development projects the students selected, designed, and implemented in their villages. One school focused on protecting trees and the environment, another on an anti-smoking campaign. Officials from the education ministry, the regional government, and FIRDOS visited the four villages to celebrate the successes of the students projects. The joy of these celebrations was overwhelming. The welcome I received from the residents I met and spoke with was remarkable.

Universal constant: if you have a camera, the kids will find you. These guys refused to let me get in the car without one last photo.

This soldier was awesome to watch; huge smile and infectious groove. He reminded me of that expression, "dance as if no one is watching."

My role model for growing old. I did not see him sit down the whole time we were there.

The little girl in the middle stuck her tongue out just as I took the photo. She seemed quite proud about cracking me up.

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