29 May, 2007

Readings and updates and Dino

Desperate Iraqi Refugees Turn to Sex Trade in Syria

And, in case you missed it a few weeks ago....The Flight From Iraq.
(be sure to look through the multimedia elements, too)

Also, a WHO update on the situation inside Nahr al-Bared and humanitarian responses.

And roughly 4 years and 200,000-500,000 deaths later, President Bush announces new sanctions against the Sudanese government. Because the sanctions already in place had been working so well. And we all know how well sanctions worked in the past in other places. What about sanctions against the enablers?

By the way, the not-so-shocking results of the Syrian referendum were announced...No need to change those welcome signs. It's still Assad's Syria.

Oh, and can I just toss a comment out on this? Here's one response. In addition to everything else the museum is claiming there were dinosaurs on Noah's ark. I used to work on dive boats and we refused to let people bring bananas on board because of the inevitable mess and hazards. Can you imagine what kind of a mess a dinosaurs would cause, two by two? Maybe that's why there are no more unicorns. They say they are interpreting the Bible literally, yet there are no dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible. Om-Taromeet told me last night that when she toured the Mormon museum at Temple Square in Salt Lake City a few years ago she was told dinosaurs never existed. She politely raised her hand and asked the young woman leading the tour if she had visited the Utah Museum of Natural History, with extensive paleontology exhibits and just down the street, or DINOSAUR National Monument in Vernal, Utah. The young woman simply responded, "Well, they're wrong." The new museum also supposedly sports a "light-skinned" creationist and a "dark-skinned" evolutionist. I guess black hat/white hat was too simplistic. To me, this isn't about religion so much as politics in the US these days.


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