12 June, 2007

For Boulos Maamari & Haitham Suleiman

The news of these two men's deaths (thanks Golaniya)has hung over my head for the last few days. They were their to help. So much is going on "over there" right now. Whether Gaza, Tripoli, Baghdad, Iran or Damascus, it's all leaving me angry, depressed, worried...And then you wake up to read this. Enough to make you want to scream.

I miss Damascus, but things are changing and not always for the better with housing in short and expensive supply and food prices and overall inflation on the rise. Read this report on the refugee crisis there, please (you can download the entire report). I am left wondering what I will find when I return there . Not that things are all that great here, either, with housing & health care just two examples.

I don't want to sit here, feeling powerless, and harp on how terrible things are. I've sat through enough meetings like that, thank you. I'd rather circle the wagons with like minded individuals and start talking about constructive responses and get out there and get to work. Any takers?


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Unknown said...

Dear Aishsha, (I love your name) what you are doing on this blog is to add another just voice for those we know so little about their misery, about the violation of their rights, the more we write, the more people would stop and think about it.

I know exactly how it feels to be helpless, I am here, a member of a campaign, yet I do feel helpless, it is not because we are not doing nothing, but perhaps because I am not doing what I think enough.

Intellect work is the work, active work is the work, we need both, we need you.

Thanks for posting this.