21 September, 2007

Good night and good luck, America.

It's about midnight here in Atlanta. I need to get some sleep, but I always find it hard to sleep the night before a departure. I'm tired, yet wide awake. Everything that can be packed is packed. I have an ambitious stash of reading materials to take on board. I'm due to arrive in Istanbul Sunday night.
For now, I need to turn out the lights and at least shut my eyes and pretend to get a good night's sleep.


PS: Happy to report Nelson Mandela is STILL alive.


Unknown said...

It is about 4pm EST Mon, Sept 24. I hope at this time you are settled into your hotel in Istanbul preparing for the weeks to come. I miss you already though you haven't been gone that long. Write soon - by blog or email. Wishing you all the excitement and joys life can bring!!!

Unknown said...

It is now 3:41pm EST Thurs, Sept. 27. Are you settled in yet? Is no news merely an indication that you are super-busy? Pictures, too, please. ;)