03 October, 2007

Alive and well in Istanbul

Just a quick note to let people know I'm still breathing. I seem to be having a very hard time opening the new posts link for Blogger on my laptop. Hopefully, I'll find a way around that...

My CELTA class started yesterday. I really don't see how somebody does that every day, like in the intensive course. I'm quite happy to be taking the more leisurely 10-week course. We'll have quite a bit of work, including a few 1000-word essays, but nothing that sounds horrible.

I managed to find a room to rent. I'm sharing an apartment with a young Turkish couple in Harbiye, across Cumhurriyet Avenue from the Military Museum, about a ten-minute walk from bustling Taksim Square . The room is small, but perfect for now, and my roommates are great.

I'll be teaching part-time for a language center during my course and it will be interesting to see how that goes. It's a well-known name, even if you don't teach English, and I'll leave it at that for now. I hope to find something more formal after that. I've also started making some interesting friends and continue to terrorize average Turks with my basic, broken Turkish. Interestingly, until I open my mouth, everybody seems to believe I am Turkish.

I'll write more, when I am not in a training session for work...


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sandyhoney said...

Hey welcome to Istanbul! Kolay gelsin - with the CELTA. I opted to take mine intensively and was glad I did - got it all out of the way in one swoop. The essays were nothing and I ended up having to make sure that I didn't go over the limit, as apparently I had plenty to say.

Have fun - and do relate stories of your CELTA class here. I had meant to post daily articles on my own blog but I was too exhausted (had an hour+ travel each way). Prior to taking my CELTA I did an exhaustive search on ESL teachers' CELTA experiences and could only find retrospective accounts. Doing daily reports seemed to be too much for most people!

Anyhow - good luck! I will meet you for tea in Taksim one of these days!