15 September, 2008

Hate, delivered straight to your door

Hate is alive, well and being delivered to your very door! Not to mention misinformation, far-mongering....

This morning, our local paper (The Palm Beach Post) delivered to every home a copy of the hideously inflammatory hate film Obsession, which claims to be an expose on radical Islam, which is, of course, code for Islam in general. We're actually going to try to sit through the whole thing, but it's hard to stomach a film that intersperses images of Muslim children with images of Nazis. Proud to report that Mom, the subscriber, complained by email and phone and canceled her subscription to the paper. Even Olberman picked up on the story tonight on Countdown as it seems the DVD went out via several newspaper outlets nationwide. Frighteningly, it was also distributed free at BOTH the Democratic and Republican conventions. The American Muslim has a detailed background story on the film and the mass distribution of 28 million copies of the DVD and resources for how you can respond. For more information go to Obsession Watch. If you received a copy, please take a few minutes to demand that your newspaper to not take part in spreading hate and misinformation.


Update: Mom's on a roll and has emailed the president of Cox Newspapers, which published The Post, and the head of Cox's advertising department to complain to them as well. It's not that people should be deprived of their right of free speech, no matter how disturbing. It's that by being distributed by a newspaper, a supposed bastion of truth and unbiased information, the publishers lend credence to the filmmakers, their backers and their message. I hope others with cancel their subscriptions. To ignore is to condone!

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