15 September, 2008

Mondo Bizarro World Redux

I believe I have awoken inside some sort of mirror realm. Both Carl "El Diablo" Rove AND Fox News called the McCain camp out on the lies their campaign has been spewing. (Shakes head violently to try to reboot brain in face of confusion) With not much time left until election day, I am hoping that all these people so excited by "relatable" Gov. Palin, who have so obviously been sipping from the same Kool Aid that had folks saying that then-candidate Bush43 was somebody they could "relate to" - because can't we ALL relate to a guy whose dad ran the CIA? - will wake up. Things are getting bizarre and I agree with my mother who is calling this election as another squeaker. I can't take another election night like 2000 - going to bed satisfied and waking up to a nightmare.

But, hey, on the bright side, today's financial disasters aside, don't worry. McCain said this morning that the foundation of our economy is sound. Seriously?


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