19 October, 2008

Thank you, Colin Powell

Thank you, Gen. Powell for your thoughtful endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama, not just as a citizen who voted for Obama, but as an American very troubled by the potential future of her country and the rest of the world. What I appreciated most was your pushback on the dangerous and divisive fear-mongering from the right: the whispers about Obama's upbringing, religious beliefs and professional associations. In expressing that the truly correct answer to "Is he a Muslim?" - not "No, he's not," but "So, what if he is?" - you pulled back the curtain shielding an ugly crowd of bigots that has been left untouched by so many and you honored the lives and faith of countless Muslims who live in this country. And thank you for reminding us that not all the graves at Arlington National Cemetery bear a cross or star of David, for remembering that Americans of all faiths have given their lives for this country, that no political party or ideology can lay claim to patriotism.


PS:If you missed Powell on Meet the Press Sunday, be sure to hunt it down on the internet and watch the interview for yourself. Meaningful and moving to say the least.

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