04 October, 2008

Thankfully, Mom's not the Only One...

According to this article, my mother wasn't the only one angered at receiving the fear-mongering DVD Obsession in her daily newspaper. The Palm Beach Post has called her several times asking if she would like to resume delivery, to which she firmly responds, "No." It's not an issue of whether Clarion has the right to make the film, of course they do. I am an absolutist on free speech, no matter how uncomfortable it may make me. What we objected to was the DVD being distributed by a newspaper, an outlet that would seem to legitimize the group and it's political message. Legitimizing such obviously political junk so close to a major election is unconscionable. I am glad to hear others spoke out against the distribution of the DVD. It gives me some hope that people still care and will organize to take action.


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