04 February, 2009


For anyone naive enough to believe Pres. Obama has magically destroyed racism in this country and that we can all sit around the fire together now, roast marshmallows and sing "Kumbayah", I offer these comments heard by relative in a recent adult Sunday School class:

"Looks like I'll have to take my gun up to Washington because there's a coon in the White House."
(sick excuse for a joke met with much laughter)

(in response to believing an older male student believed Mrs. Obama to be "attractive", when in fact he was talking about the late Mrs. Kennedy)
"Oh, I thought you were talking about that thing living there now!"
(again, met with laughter)

My relative may have been disgusted by what she heard, but she also remained silent, not that speaking out against those around you is easy. Keep that in mind next time someone tells you how nice it is that we've "gotten over" race in this country or, I suspect, anywhere else.


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