26 April, 2009

Full Frontal Assault on Texas Senate - NO GUNS ON CAMPUS, PLEASE!

If anybody reading this is A) in Texas B) thinks concealed weapons on a school campus is a crazy idea C) has some free time Monday and D) can make it to Austin please, PLEASE come down to the Capitol in the morning! The Senate State Affairs Committee is holding a public hearing on SB1164, the Senate component of HB1893, both of which seek to allow concealed weapons to be brought onto university campuses throughout the state. Private schools would be able to opt out; public universities, mine included, would not.

I do not have a problem with guns. I can enjoy an afternoon at the range as much as the next person. I do not want to repeal the second amendment. Though I would love to reincarnate the "Founding Fathers" and take them to a gun show and hear what they have to say about all this.

I do not want to take anybody's guns. All I ask is that you leave your weapons at home when you come to class.

If you can make it, join me at the Capitol tomorrow and let your voice be heard. Last time some of us tried to sit in on a public meeting, the NRA managed to twist arms and shut it down. Hopefully, this time they will allow those of us opposed to this legislation our part in the process.
See you under the dome.

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