02 May, 2009

Capitol Friday

Our rag-tag band of students continued lobbying against guns on our campuses yesterday. Several staffers asked us for business cards and I had to explain that we are the grassroots of the grassroots, simply a bunch of students trying to make our voices heard. No expense accounts, no business cards, unlike the NRA & TxRA folks.

As it stands HB1893 is out of the in the House Calendars committee who will schedule it for a floor vote soon. There are just over two weeks left in the session and we learned the bill has been fast-tracked. There are enough co-authors on the committee to get it to a floor vote without any effort.

On the Senate side, SB1164 is currently under consideration in the State Affairs Committee, who some of us testified before this week. Again, there are enough co-authors on the committee to bounce it right to a floor vote.

Seriously, everybody and their mother signed on as an author of these bills. I'm all for bipartisanship, but this is ridiculous.

If you are a student, call your Rep. and Sen. You can find out who that is at http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/

Have your PARENTS call and have them call Sen. Robert Duncan, who chairs State Affairs and who wants to hear from parents: (512) 463-0128 or Toll Free (800) 322-9538

If you are FACULTY at a Texas public college or uni and are hamstrung by the gag order, have your FAMILY and FRIENDS call!

Seriously, a call takes a few minutes, people.
I've had a lot of folks tell me "Don't worry. It'll never pass." That is not the vibe I get when lobbying, so please speak out.
No guns in our schools.

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