09 November, 2009

Song for being a poverty wonk

Running the World
by Jarvis Cocker
In heavy rotation on the iPod of late.
We have to keep a weekly journal of our internship experience and for last week's we were asked to write about a work of art that a particular person we've worked with (I refuse to use the term client, but that's another post in and of itself) may have reminded of us. Sadly, this one came to me too late. For me, it's not one person, it's all the people and all the issues and all the seemingly eternal systemic injustices that lead these people to our door. And for some reason this song seems to nail the whole thing. It's not one to play for the kiddies, though. The term he uses to describe who runs the world is used as a term of absolute frustration, not in some misogynistic way, at least in my opinion. And it's all wrapped up in sparkly, Brit Pop sonic wrapping that manages to suck you right in.

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