05 February, 2006


I had a whole long, beautiful post from yesterday that has disappeared. I will repost it later, but the main thing is I am now working at Amideast teaching English to pre-teens. I also snagged an interview with the Director of FIRDOS - The Fund for Integrated Rural Development of Syria. This is the organization started by Asma Al-Assad, the president's wife, herself a former financial markets trader (or thereabouts). The woman at Amideast who also works for FIRDOS was very excited about my background and ideas for a few small projects I want to tackle so she immediately rang the Director and told her she had to meet me. She also mentioned I might be perfect for a women's project in the city of Lattakia. We shall see.

Also, I was forced to bow to Ottoman supremacy on my exam with my friend earning two points higher. He took his "win" as graciously as I did my "loss". But there is always the final! Of course he was rather amused during our vocabulary review about the home when I told him that in the U.S. "we call the thing we put our feet on the Ottoman." Actually we all did well and have formed quite the clique. It's nice to have a few friends to enjoy things with. Off to a film at the French Cultural Center with my friend from France later.

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