08 February, 2006

At the end of a month

I've now been in Dimashq just over a month. Difficult to believe. As much as I have enjoyed living with my current group, I am now looking for a place of my own. Not to isolate myself, but rather to create my own space. I am living here now, not just visiting. That changes your thinking. The agency I use thinks I can find something small in either Muhajareen or Mezza. I suspect I will move in a month or so, nothing sudden. It will be nice to be able to have friends over for dinner and such.

Despite last weeks violence, this is a very easygoing place. I am enjoying it and just trying to get into the flow. I will teach my second round of classes tonight. Hopefully I can make more progress with the earlier class than I did Sunday. My later class are champs. Yes, this job will pay the bills, but I am excited to work with these kids. My Arabic final is Sunday and then we are off for the week. I will be looking for apartments, spending time with friends, and hope to get out of the city a bit.

I have my interview with FIRDOS tomorrow and am hoping to pick up more work. The projects they have instigated seem exciting. Fingers crossed....

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