17 June, 2009

What Do Iranians Want? A Seven-Point Plan From Iranians

Here's something emailed to me from friends in Iran
The message of the protestors in Iran:
Yesterday in Tehran, fliers were handed out among protesters. The text of one of these fliers is as follows:
1) Disqualification of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei due to his lack of ability of righteous leadership.

Disqualification of Ahmadinejad due to election fraud and illegitimate occupation of Presidency.
3) Temporary appointment of Ayatollah Montazeri as Supreme Leader until revision of the Ground Law.
4) Acknowledging Mir Hussein Mosavi as the elected president of Iran.
5) Building an interim government for managing the day-to-day business of government and as well revision of the Ground Law.
6) Free-giving of all conscious political and minority prisoners.
7) Disbanding all suppressive organs of the regime under any name.

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