19 June, 2009

More from Iran

Here's more of the latest from friends in Iran, again edited to protect them. Everybody is very worried of what will happen at Saturday's march and thereafter. I agree with my friend here, hard to believe this has all unfolded in one week....
I can't open sites such as....and of course many other sites. We can use some proxies of course but it changes daily and sometimes it is time consuming if you want to get unbiased news fast.

I read your blog and it is very thoughtful of you to write about Iran.

As you know the leader Ayatullah Khamenei delivered his speech in Tehran University Friday prayer this morning and he confirmed he is on Ahmadinejad's side and there should be an end to opposition rallies otherwise the demonstrators and their leaders will face God's punishment!!!! (you know what he means by that). Also he said the only way for Mousavi is through Guardian Council if he wishes to complain about the election result.

Tomorrow there will be another massive rally by the opposition group and we have to wait and see how the guards will react after the disappointing but threatening speech today.

It is a very confusing situation now. We have serious conflict of interests between the clerics in power plus a newly formed opposition movement which soon will either be demolished completely or leads to a bloody civil war.

Oh I am so tired of watching news and reading and not having a normal life for the past week. I still can't believe it all happened in one week. Last Friday at exact same time I was voting with high hopes ......... Unlike some people I am still hopeful but worried as well.

I love you and thank you again for all you do. I am attaching few pics from the rally last evening; a silent walk to mourn for those killed in the protests. Mousavi himself was among the people and said he will continue and won't give up ..... we'll see!!!!

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