20 June, 2009

Violence in Iran

Word is trickling out of violence in Tehran, including a supposed bombing - announced by the government, so very suspect - at the tomb of Imam Khomeini in southern Tehran. No word on the rest of the country. Most importantly for me, no word from friends.

Video from BBC Persian service
Pitney's live blog on Huff Post

May never watch CNN again since they are relying on Iranian state-controlled Press TV for their "information". Idiots. Reminds me of when I lived in Syria and was invited to a friend's home: "We're easy to find, right across from the Ministry of Information." Knowing the part of town they lived in, I was a bit confused, but upon arriving I had a good laugh when I looked across the street to see the offices of al-Baath newspaper.

This video, reportedly made last night, has made the rounds but is none-the-less very moving.


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