17 June, 2009

Words Direct From Iran

I finally received word that my friends in Iran are o.k., for now. They allowed me to share what they wrote, with some editing to protect them. Any notations from me are in light green.
Keep following Nico Pitney's live blog over at HuffPost. Also check out this blog.
Thanks so much for your concern about us here, we are OK somehow feeling excited and hopeful, but at the same time expecting harsh reactions soon from the other side. Also that's so thoughtful of you to go green :)

Tomorrow (Thursday) is going to be the biggest rally by Mousavi supporters to condemn the killing of some protesters and continue showing their opposition to the vote result. On Friday Ayatollah Khamenei will lead Tehran Friday prayers congregation and have a speech for the crowd who are mostly Ahmadinejad's fan. This will most likely lead to additional clashes towards Mousavi's supporters and an order to ban further protests and severe punishment & imprisonment for the demonstrators. They have already asked other countries to stop interfering, blocked most sites and asked the foreign journalists and reporters to leave the country.

Please keep praying for a positive outcome and by the way I don't mind you use my words or pics in your blog (of course as you said no reference to who I am).

"YES WE ARE OK and hoping for a real reform after 30 years...

The internet connection is very slow at some hours due to the recent events. Most sites are blocked, sms text messaging is blocked and mobile phone communication is literally blocked after 4 pm. Every day we have huge demonstrations backing Mr. Mousavi...(regarding protests Wed.) just called me and said probably millions were there. Pro-Mousavi protesters either have silent walk wearing black with green flags or ribbons to show respect to the people who were killed by riot police during Monday rally. Tomorrow (Thursday) Mousavi asked for a mass rally...

It is the most exciting and different time in Iran since my childhood when the revolution happened. This time most people voted because they were fed up with lies, bad economy, lack of jobs and all the promises that Ahmadinejad never kept.

The 85% turnout was unbelievable and prior to election date Iranian were so united and all over big cities you could see a lot of young people campaigning for Mousavi and the friendship and unity which was lost for years and years among our people was once again witnessed. All streets and many cars were covered by green banners, ribbons and the excitement was unbelievable. People who haven't voted for the previous election terms were so hopeful this time. Mr. Mousavi is an architect and before election was the president of "Iranian academy of arts". His wife is an artist and has Phd in political science and is his political advisor.

When the interior ministry announced the results ONLY after few hours and declared Ahmadinejad as the president without even giving the results of each province people went crazy. Of course he had the vote of the villages, deprived parts of Iran and military staff, BUT he never could have the vote of the province which Mousavi was born there and they just lied to people's face and thought people are stupid. But this time due to the unity of pre-election among young and old, and the other candidates' disagreement to the strangely low number of votes they got ..... the fire started and it is getting bigger and bigger. I still can't believe how it hasn't stopped. Every night from 9-10 pm people go on the roofs or streets and say "Allah o akbar" or GOD is the greatest, drivers honk and people do things to show their hatred and protest.

Well, I was never good at politics and still am not, but every single moment I find I am either watching TV and getting news from different international channels or search websites.

Whatever the results will be .......... one thing is for sure ...... people are not silent anymore and the present system can't keep them silent as before. Also the world is watching now and those who didn't know much about us and saw us through our government may see us differently.

What do you hear among Americans?
Please keep following the news and keep all these many people in your thoughts.

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