24 January, 2006

Pointless observations

Things noticed around Damascus...
As one American friend here said today, "I love this city because it makes me laugh every single day."

A restaurant named, in Arabic script, Showney's. I do not expect to find a breakfast buffett there like at ye olde Shoney's.

According to one trustworthy friend, though unsubstantiated by myself as yet, there are jackets being sold with the word "blowjob" on the back in plain English as though it were a brand.

Though we, sadly, are able to buy Coca-Cola and Pepsi products here, they seem to be kept stashed away a bit in favor of the local brand, Master Cola. Of course, it helps that Master Cola and the faux Pepsi's labels are absolutely identical to the original. Copyright's be damned!

A candybar from the snack stand at school is described as "luxurious chocolate sensation". I might settle for actual chocolate.

One restaurant near the Cham Palace got it all wrong - instead of "lamb chops", their signage and menu includes "lamp shop". Just like mom used to make!

Off to eat more chestnuts.